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"When is a revival needed? 

When carelessness and unconcern keep the people asleep."

Billy Sunday

About The Coming Ulster Revival

Northern Ireland is currently in its worst spiritual state for a long, long time. Churches have shrunk, leaders have left, society is disinterested, prayer has declined and much of our preaching is marked by coldness, compromise and cowardice. Goodness, you even see fewer church mice around these days - they’ve probably denied the faith too. Despite historically being one of the most religiously fervent regions of the Western world, all the signs indicate that this former condition is headed towards total collapse in the coming generation.


This book is going to single-handedly turn that around.


Ok, that might be a bit much. But it's an attempt to do something at least.


Aiming for a mix of clear declaration of the truth and relatively mediocre Northern Irish banter, this book looks at the urgent crisis facing Christianity in the province today, and calls for the church to take drastic action. At the same time, because God has done stupendous things on this island in times past, and has given promise after promise in His word that He can redeem even the darkest of circumstances, there is real hope for a bright future.


God wants to send revival. We really need it. It will definitely come one day. The only question is: will the church of our time be ready to lay hold of it, or will it pass us by?

About The Author

I, Jamie Bambrick, have absolutely no authority whatsoever to write a book like this. But seeing as I already have, you might as well know that I helped run ARC Ireland, an island-wide church planting organisation, and have been on the leadership teams of CFC Belfast, The C3 Church Cambridge, and am currently in itinerant ministry with plans for the future. 



This book is aggressively Northern Irish. At least I hope it is. There’s lots of in-jokes, colloquialisms and general carrying on. If you’re not from Northern Ireland, much of this will go over your head. I’d offer an apology, but ultimately it’s your fault for not living here.

Table Of Contents

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